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Earth Time Lapse Mobile Live Wallpaper

Earth Time Lapse Mobile Official Release!

June 2016

Everyone looks to the sky but only the chosen ones can look from space on earth. Astronauts in the orbiting International Space Station share with us their views by recording beautiful long shoots called Earth Time Lapse.

Today you can launch your own satellite to record and stream these breathtaking views directly on your android 3D Live Wallpaper.

We decided to move this view to mobile devices where you can fly where you want by swipe and touch countries to highlight their names and borders. By one hit you can fly to one of 177 countries.

Earth Time Lapse Mobile 3D Live Wallpaper is a powerful Earth simulation with high resolution day and night system, dynamic atmosphere, advanced clouds and many other details make this app a great 3d live wallpaper for space fans, travelers and everyone who is interested in our amazing Earth. Many options will help you to adjust the app to your preferences to always have beautiful a view on screen.

Thanks to our 3DM Beta Testers we could improve Earth Time Lapse Mobile 3D Live Wallpaper for more android users. Thanks Guys 🙂