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Unique Live Wallpapers on your screen. If you want to change your boring static wallpaper for something else, you are in the best place. Our Live Wallpapers are fully 3D, interactive with many options to create your own custom live wallpapers.

Energy Engine PC Live Wallpaper

Coming Soon!

Unleash energy of your live wallpaper.

3DM Planet Evolution Live Wallpapers Steam

Planet Evolution PC Live Wallpaper

3D Interactive desktop live wallpaper for Windows 10.

Choose your own planet and be a witness to its origins, transformations, cataclysms and rebirths lasting billions of years. Your wallpaper will always be different, unique and just beautiful.

3DM Endless Universe 2 Live Wallpapers

Endless Universe 2 PC Live Wallpaper

3D Interactive desktop live wallpaper for Windows 10.

Procedural Generated worlds where you are not alone! Create your spaceship, explore and be ready for the battles! The most advanced PC live wallpaper for Windows 10 in the universe! Do you want to try?

3DM 3D Earth Time Lapse PC Live Wallpapers Steam

3D Earth Time Lapse PC Live Wallpaper

3D Interactive desktop live wallpaper for Windows 10.

3D Earth Time Lapse PC is a project that simulates the view from the International Space Station ISS which acts as an interactive wallpaper that is displayed under Windows icons and windows. Thanks to this, each time your wallpaper will be unique and ready for your instructions!

Frame Live Wallpaper for Adnroid

3D Frames Elegant

Free/Premium Live Wallpaper

Upload your best photos from device to change it into elegant presentation as 3D Live Wallpaper.

Endless Universe Live Wallpaper

Endless Universe

Premium Live Wallpaper

Endless Universe Live Wallpaper have procedural generated worlds using library of galaxies, nebulas, planets and other objects in space. To travel you will use spaceship with Warp Travel…

Earth Time Lapse Mobile Live Wallpaper

Earth Time Lapse Mobile

Premium Live Wallpaper

Today you can launch own satellite to record and stream this breathtaking Earth Time Lapse views directly on your android 3D Live Wallpaper …

Energy Pack Premium

Premium Live Wallpaper

Energy Pack Premium is a 3D Live Wallpaper flow animation generated randomly in Elegant and Energy style. Energy Pack Premium is fully customized with …

Energy Pack Free

Free Live Wallpaper

Energy Pack Free is 3D particle animation system that can be personalised to suit your own unique style for use as Free Live Wallpaper on Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Drone 3D Fireworks

Free Live Wallpaper

Change your device in custom fireworks show. Fly like a drone to get best views. Great for events like New Year. Choose from 20 ready fireworks and different backgrounds…


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