Planet Evolution PC Live Wallpaper

Choose your own planet and be a witness to its origins, transformations, cataclysms and rebirths lasting billions of years. Your wallpaper will always be different, unique and just beautiful.

The universe is infinitely full of planets that evolve over billions of years! Choose your planet and observe it from beginning to end.

Your planet will evolve over time. From rocks covered with lava to planets that look like our earth with developed civilizations on its surface.

Be a witness of the transformation of the planet from its beginnings. From planets covered with rocks, desert or ice to those looks like the moon or mars.

A planet like our “Earth” is a rarity, but with a bit of luck, you can see it. Planets capable of sustaining life can have civilizations visible at night These civilizations can reach 3 levels, poorly grooved, crossed and futuristic Highly developed civilizations can quickly destroy the planet turning it into a toxic place full of poisonous liquids and gases.



– Procedural planets that are evolving in front of your eyes.

– The procedural environment that also changes with the time of evolution.

– Procedural cameras that will always provide you with amazing views.

– Optimized consumption of CPU / GPU resources. Thanks to the procedural shaders.

– Support for multiple screens. Include a feature for Wide and Ultrawide screens.

– Includes the “Game Mode” feature to minimize the wallpaper while playing normal games.

– Menu options where you can manage your wallpaper.

– Updates in the future. The project will evolve like this planet.

– And more… some little features.